Book of Ra Slot Play for Money or Demo Version

Book Of Ra
is a game doll with 5 reels and 9 active game features. This imaginary video slot is popular all over the cosmos, it is difficult to imagine a land-based casino or a refuge in the Internet without this fun. Huge winnings only happen more often in Books, during the bonus fun period. In our online casino you can play pranks for free in the game doll Book of Ra directly now. Plunge into the society of ancient Egypt, and risk finding your thesis of the glorious Supreme RA.

Rules of the game on the Book of Ra slot machine:

You need to execute bids for the game traits you selected (through the 1st before the 9th traits). The amount of your winnings depends on the number of amusing traits. You can view all the fun routines and combinations for the slot machine by clicking the “Play” button. The combination values shown correspond to Your bet.

When several sarcophagus symbols appear for an active game feature, You can get an increase in your bet for the coefficient before 2000. Amused further, you will certainly get the sign of the archaeologist – If you get 2 or more of these signs for an active game feature, you will get 10 before 5000 bets (depends on other signs for the grateful feature)

The scatter is the Book of RA symbol.

For the sake of winning, this sign may be outside the grateful line. It can appear on any of the 5 reels. The position of the bonus win is the loss of 3 or more scatter symbols.

For slot machine Essay RA live later sent for the sake of useful combinations:

connection cares grateful when the position of the equal signs for the traits from left to right with left taking the last reel;
the Union cares is grateful when it is active features;
paid higher connection features;
scatter wins are content to scatter in accordance with the terms.
Increase for the Book of Ra slot machine

You can increase the use according to any grateful combination. With the support of the “Double” button, you go to an additional fun where you have to guess the color of the card (scarlet or dirty), when the color of the opened card coincides with The one you selected – You win and the total will double. In addition, it is allowed to continue to catch good luck or master the game. The maximum achievable bonus in “doubling” is your bet multiplied by 200.

Bonus game on the Book of Ra slot machine

When you get 3 or more scatter symbols, you will get 10 “Free Games” (free fun). The presence of bonus fun is a fresh sign-the loss of which is guaranteed to bring you benefits. If you get 3 or more tablecloths in free games, you also get 10 “Free Games”. This sign replaces the signs of the automatic machine for active destinies for no reason. If a given sign falls out for a grateful trait, it is replaced for the sign beginning the most valuable combination.

You can play pranks for free in our online casino, or you can try your luck and break the Bank by playing for real money! We wish you the desired fun and good luck in the casino!