What is a legal bookmaker in gambling?

A bookmaker’s office (BC) is a gambling establishment that accepts bets mainly on sports events. BC analysts evaluate the probability of an event and determine its coefficient: if a player’s bet wins, its amount is multiplied by the set coefficient, and the resulting amount is the win. If you can’t predict the outcome of the event, the bet loses, and the money goes to the bookmaker.


Now legal bookmakers work both offline, in the format of betting points (PPS), and online on the Internet. Addresses of PPS in every major city of Russia can be found here, in the section Betting clubs (PPS). At betting shops, cash payments are made, and winnings are paid out via the cash register.


However, in modern realities, the online game is becoming more and more popular. You can place a bet online either on the official website of the bookmaker or in the mobile app. The more convenient the site or mobile app, the more chances the bookmaker has to attract new customers.


How do I choose the best bookmaker?


You can choose a reliable bookmaker for a comfortable online game according to different criteria: for some, the odds are important, someone is looking for the best bookmakers with bonuses for new players, and someone will prefer to play with one of the major bookmakers. Each player has their own priorities, so the given order of criteria can be considered random. Pay attention only to the characteristics themselves.



The popularity of the bookmaker. Positions in this rating are determined by active users of Vbet. To increase the objectivity of the rating, only real users ‘ voices are taken into account.

How do I choose the best bookmaker?

Coefficients. This criterion is one of the main ones for many players, because the higher the odds, the greater the possible winnings. The office’s position in this rating depends on the value of the coefficients offered on its website.

Reliability. If the bookmaker does not pay out the winnings, it does not matter how high the odds are offered by the office. The player must always be sure that if they win fairly, they will get their money. This rating takes into account the reliability of legal betting companies in terms of paying money and resolving disputes.

Range of betting options. The main parameters for compiling this rating were the variability of bets on handicaps and totals in football, as well as painting on tennis, basketball, and hockey.

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Live service. Live bets are bets that players make during the course of an event. When ranking the rating, the number of bets during the match, the depth of the painting, the speed of accepting, and calculating live bets were taken into account.


Where to contact in case of a dispute or conflict with the bookmaker?


Each bookmaker has its own customer support service, which you can contact in case of disputes or ask a question related to the work of the bookmaker.


If you played on the site of a legal bookmaker, but could not solve the problem with the help of the support service, you can always contact our website for help. In the presented rating of reliability of bookmakers, you need to choose the one with which the dispute arose, and leave your complaint in the comments to the review of this company.

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Frequently asked questions


🥇 How do I know which bookmaker is better?

You can choose the bookmaker that best suits you based on several parameters: reliability, popularity, choice of bets, and the level of coefficients for different sports. For each of these criteria on our website, the rating of the bookmakers, which will help you to visually compare the BK.


🚫 Which bookmakers should I avoid?

You should not place bets with offshore bookmakers that do not have a license to operate in the Russian Federation. Playing in these offices, you risk being left without funds, as offshore bookmakers do not comply with Russian law.


🎁 In which BC can I get a bonus for registration?

Bonus promotions for newcomers are held by 65% to 80% of Russian bookmakers. You can find out what offers Russian bookmakers have from our list of bookmakers with bonuses. You can find out the detailed conditions for getting the bonus you are interested in, in the bookmaker’s profile.


💰 Which bookmakers offer free bets?

Free bets or free bets are one of the most common types of bonuses that almost all Russian bookmakers have. For more information about the amounts and rules for obtaining free bets, see the list of bookmakers with bonuses.


🔝 Which BC has the highest coefficients?

We have a special coefficient rating that is based on comparing the average margin of different bookmakers separately for each of the main sports.


🔐 Which bookmaker is easier to register with?

The registration procedure for all Russian bookmakers is generally similar and differs only in detail. You can learn about the nuances of the registration procedure in the office that interests you from its description on our website.


👨‍💻 The bookmaker asks you to pass verification, how do I do this?

Most often, to identify an individual, you need to send your photo with your passport open on a certain page or call a representative of the bookmaker via video chat. In some offices, you can go through the identification with the help of public Services. Read more about the types of verification and how to pass it in our material.


💸 Is it true that the bookmaker pays the tax on winnings?

Bookmakers do not pay tax on winnings for a player, but if the amount of winnings is 15,000 rubles or more, the BC deducts the tax from it and prepares all the documents, the player will not have to deal with the Federal tax service. If the winning amount is between 4,000 and 14,999 rubles, the player will have to fill out a Declaration and pay the tax himself. No tax is charged on winnings of less than 4,000 rubles. Read more about tax rates in Russia in our article.