Crazy Monkey slot machine

We present you to get acquainted with the most exultant and positive slot machine – Crazy Monkey or Crazy Monkey. Together with the monkey, you will make An interesting journey to the uninhabited island.

crazy monkey slot online vbet

Crazy Monkey video slot is a five – reel game doll with 9 fun features and bonus fun features. The number of likely active traits through 1 before 9. The maximum bet is 225 credits.

Signs of the Crazy Monkey slot machine

The sign of the alarm mask deserves special respect.

The more significant these masks are for your online casino, the more significant you will be able to win. The mask sign replaces any sign that appears in the combination. In an incident where the trait you have is quite significant than a certain mask, you will be able to get the benefit in 100 before 2000 coins.

If you get 5 characters with the fun logo, you will not have time to blink, and Your bet will increase by 5000 times. Also in the fun to use, and other desirable signs, the loss of which you can win well. Let’s say that the signs of lions will Give you 500 credits, pineapples will give you 200 credits, when you buy a snake, you get 50 credits, after bananas – 20 credits, less only You will be given after a butterfly – 10 credits.

Danger-fun through Crazy Monkey

You happen to be able to increase the special use, then start playing pranks in danger-fun. The dealer’s card is displayed on the screen, and You need to choose from the 4 offered cards, the one that is rather more significant than the dealer’s card. In such an incident, your benefit is doubled, and when You failed to beat The dealer’s card, the benefit is reset.

Bonus fun through Crazy Monkey

Slot machines Crazy Monkey also presents bonus fun for you. In order to activate it, three or more monkeys should appear on Your screen.

For the screen are 5 ropes and You can alternately pull after the rope, for the monkey fall bananas, she eats them, and You get bonuses. Be careful, for no reason, instead of bananas can fall painful content, then the monkey will not give You bonuses, and the bonus fun will end. In the final of fun, the holes will always be multiplied for a meaningful bet and automatically added to the table.

When you are lucky and you were able to always excite the twine without encountering a misfire, Then a superbonus fun is offered for you.

For each online casino, there are two boxes, some of which contain quite a prize, which can significantly increase Your income. In order to choose which of the boxes to start, click on the Line 3 and Line 7 buttons.

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