Fruit Cocktail slot machine

Fruit drink — this is the only one with the most colorful free Internet machines from the company Igrosoft, which is more popular with investors under the name of Strawberries. Despite the huge number of fruits in the reels, delicious strawberries receive investors with an eye-catching smile, and they are also in a glorious azure background in the underside of the screen.

The free Internet connector Fruit Cocktail is well known to these users, which were presented in the dung halls in these remote periods if there were dung gaming clubs. Today, after all, this device keeps its own fame, and also attracts the interest of these investors, who simply want to relax.

Free Fruit Cocktail slot game

A clear characteristic feature of the fruit drink slot machine is also considered to be this circumstance, the fact that there are quite often grateful compositions, but the payout coefficients in The slot are characterized by quite significant volumes.

Internet connection with coils is shown by five tambours, in which 9 directions are remotely located in order to convene grateful compositions. The greenish keys that blink in turn in the control panel indicate in this case the number of directions that investors have every chance to choose for their own type of entertainment. Of course, it is more correct to place bets according to absolutely all 9 bands, but if there is a need, investors have every chance to reduce them to a rational number for the purpose of themselves.

Play Fruit Cocktail vbet

The scale of the pond fluctuates in extensive borders, and they also issue up to 4,500 credits from one coin. If the subscriber takes it upon himself to execute orders according to absolutely all the highest bids, someone is able to select the appropriate key, and Also activate the fun with the highest bids.

In addition, the Strawberry slot has the role of a mechanical start-up type of entertainment, and the beloved allows investors to extract the greatest pleasure, guaranteeing a large degree of convenience in advance.

Symbols of the strawberry Machine

From the number of signs in the reels, investors will be able to notice an abundance of fruits, in the number of which are lemons, cavoons, apricots, apples, cherries, but in addition a sign with the logo is a kind of entertainment. The image with the logo itself is the type of entertainment that turns out to be the most profitable, so the beloved activates the largest multipliers.

Special character

Wild sign. Someone replaces each sign, also given a picture of a fruit cocktail. This image occurs in absolutely all reels, which significantly stimulates the possibility of losing grateful compositions.

Sign of strawberries. This sign activates the reward stage, and the more strawberries you picked up in one direction, the more games will be activated. Thus, 3 signs of strawberries allows 1 reward fun, but 5 signs of the full 3 type of entertainment.

Fruit Cocktail play on vbet

Fruit Cocktail bonus game

During premium visibility, investors will be able to notice signs in the separate window that are located along the perimeter of the screen. In a typical share, there are 3 cells, in which signs will climb. In addition, users will be able to notice the price of any illustration when they fall out in the reels in sectors with illumination. Investors will be able to buy income from any escaped illustration. However, if the Output text is ignited in the selector, the premium stage will be completed.

The auxiliary abilities of the Internet aggregate Strawberries include the probability of doubling the acquired success, but for this purpose, investors should win a dangerous stage. Opportunities in income or in defeat here are Fifty to Fifty. The investor is expected to take turns with the conditional dealer to reveal closed card games. In this case, the player must be constantly more, only in this case, the acquisition of double success is ensured.