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Poker is without exaggeration the most popular card game in the world. Someone calls it gambling, and someone-intellectual sports. But every player dreams of at least once in their life to collect a Royal flash-the highest combination of poker that guarantees victory. We will try to reveal the secrets that this unique game hides.


Brief description of the poker game

Poker originated in Europe in the XVI century. Since then, the rules have changed – and by the middle of the XIX century, the game has become similar to the one we play today. There are over 100 types of poker. Classic poker uses 52 playing cards without jokers. Here, certain combinations of cards win, there are 10 of them: flash, straight flash, Royal flash, square, street, full house, pair, two pairs, three and the highest card.


Poker hand rankings 


The best poker combination is a Royal flush. Every poker player dreams of it. This is the strongest set that guarantees the contestant victory. The combination consists of five cards of the same suit, starting with a ten and ending with an ACE.


The Royal flush in poker is also called the “Royal Suite” or “Broadway”. There are four types of combinations, which differ only in the suit. If you have already received the coveted set of five matching cards, it is important to remain calm and cool. This is the only way to avoid arousing suspicion among your competitors so that they continue to raise their bids as much as possible.


Poker Combinations


Tournament poker

An online poker tournament has a specific time to start. Then each of the participants is given the same number of chips, instead of a certain amount of monetary contribution, from which the prize Fund of the tournament is formed. The player bets with chips, and the one who lost all the chips – leaves the tournament.


Tournament poker is now recognized as a sport in many countries. The world’s first sports-level poker tournament was held back in 1970. At that time, only 6 players competed for the title of” king of poker”, but the tournament lasted for a whole week. The competitions were so popular that it was decided to hold them regularly. Today, the international event is called the World Series of Poker, where thousands of players gather at the card tables.


Content sports of online poker – top places in the tournament table. First, players strive to be in the prize zone, and only after that they fight for complete victory. Hence the name – “sports”, because participants compete, as in sports. In addition to clear rules approved by the Federation, the most important thing in sports poker is not luck, but the intellectual component of the competition. And the more regularly a person plays poker, the more they notice that the result of events can always be influenced by calculating each move. During the game, professional players constantly evaluate the proportion of risk and reward before making a decision.

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Poker-a tool for self-development


This is not only a way to play for money, but also a good tool for self-development. This game is able to develop personal qualities and increase erudition. Poker disciplines teaches a person to control their emotions and analyze their actions. Poker theory requires knowledge of mathematics, psychology, and logic. Therefore, it is obvious that in this game, luck alone is not enough. Here you need skills that will allow you to soberly analyze the situation.


In a long game, good cards come across to each player approximately equally often. Therefore, the task is not only to win the hand but to minimize losses with bad cards and get maximum winnings with good ones. A skilled player should feel what cards his opponents have, watching their bets and behavior at the table. That’s why the components of a good game are psychology, the ability to read body language, and understanding the overall situation. And you can only master all this with experience.

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Poker teaches you to correctly set a specific goal and form a strategy in your head to achieve it.


It encourages people to move forward, teaches them not to give in, not to stop at what they have achieved, and to continue learning. Players easily operate with numbers, have a great command of static information, so they can easily manage, and this helps them quickly climb the career ladder. Such skills are necessary for many professions. The player learns communication skills – this will greatly help in subsequent communication with people. And the ability to soberly assess the risks by calculating the probability of winning or losing will help you achieve success in any business.


Interesting facts about poker


Interesting facts about poker< In the United States, poker is called a political game, because it helped Richard Nixon to become the 37th President. The future American leader was an ambitious, but poor man, so he did not have money for an election campaign. I managed to earn them by winning a certain amount in cards.

Interesting facts about poker

But in the town of Estancia, in Brazil, even with the help of this card game, the mayor was elected. Two candidates received exactly the same number of votes. However, the law, which at that time was two hundred years old, said: here the leader will be the one who wins the intellectual game. And poker has become such a game.

What do you think poker and sandwich have in common? The favorite sandwich that you can eat without getting your fingers dirty was invented by John Montagu-the Earl of Sandwich. Once the count, who loved poker, wanted to eat without being distracted from the game. He called a servant and ordered cold meat and bread. Then he asked me to put the meat between the pieces of bread and put it in his hands so that he could eat and play at the same time. This idea appealed to the partners at the card table. Thus John Montagu’s whim suddenly became fashionable.


Also in the history of poker, there is a case when a blind person sat at the poker table. In 2007, at the world poker tournament, Hal Lubarski was able to play by using a reader to comment on the players ‘ actions at the table. He showed a remarkable level, left behind two hundred opponents, and won a place in the team of Full Tilt professionals.


There are certain superstitions in poker. For example, a bad omen is the presence of a dog in the room where the game is being played. Do not wait for luck if you have dirty clothes on. But specially selected music helps to focus on the game, psychologists say. There are also 52 cards included in the poker deck for a reason. Thus, the number 52 corresponds to the number of weeks in the year, and the four suits (hearts, diamonds, spades, and clubs) correspond to the seasons.


And in the end, it is worth remembering the story of a double Royal flash during a single game. They say that the ability to collect it is one chance in 20,000. But in the history of poker, an absolutely amazing case is known. American Alex Hamstra visiting the Las Vegas casino “Mirage”, has collected a Royal flush twice in a row. Alex Hamstra sat down at the table and twice in the evening forced the company poker players envious gasp. So far, no one has ever repeated this.