Play Vivaro Blot Online Old and New versions

Do you like card games? Original historical card traditions came from many different countries, for example, from France and Holland came such an interesting game as blot.

There are several variants of this game, below we will discuss the classic rules and some unusual varieties.

Introduction to the rules of  Vivaro Blot

Blot – from the French Belote) – a game for four participants or two paired teams. Created in 1920 in France, this game has become a cult and today breaks records of popularity.

The goal of the game is to score maximum points with a partner using a number of specific techniques. The winner is the first team to reach 501/701/1001 points. If the trump card is not taken, it can be taken by the next player in a circle, or missed, etc.

Each card has its own rank and points. The exception is nines and jacks, their value depends on the trump suit. The winner of the hand gets 10 points. With each card played, the player increases their level.

It is easy to understand blot, but it is not so easy to master winning tactics.

Features of Blot online

The experience of participating in online games gives you more and more gaming skills with each hand. If you are patient and improve your skills step by step, you will show your opponents what you can achieve in a short time.

Belote online mode allows you to play a simple but addictive card game with people all over the world. Team mode allows you to join forces with friends, connect them to your table, or join someone else’s game.

By its structure, the online game belot-high-speed, with excellent animation, realistic gameplay. HD graphics, strong design, and many interesting features are impressive and tempting to try this high-tech product. Belot is perfect for beginners, professionals, and all fans of card games.

Which trump card will bring you good luck? King, Queen, Jack or ACE? You can get a lot of fun from playing belot in any version that is interesting. This is a great way to spend time, have fun, and relieve stress. However, belot is a tricky science to master. You can learn the first techniques in just a couple of clicks in the online version.

You can compete with your friends in multiplayer mode and climb the leaderboard.
People from all over the world take part in the online competition, which is an international level of the game.
You can create a separate virtual room for a friendly company.
It is possible to launch a local version of multiplayer.
Various prizes for achievements stimulate players.
Advanced artificial intelligence will also keep you company in the game.
Developers are constantly improving belot and trying to make it one of the best card games in the digital world. Everyone who loves something new and strives for perfection can enjoy this exciting card simulator.

Rules Of blot

There are different versions of the rules for playing belot, depending on the region, city, era, and professional environment. Distinguish Amsterdam or Rotterdam belote, Odessa, Kharkov, the black sea labor, deberts, terts, etc. Consider the classic French belot and several popular options.

Participants ‘ task when play blot

The team’s goal is to collect the set maximum points: 301, 501, 701, 1001 or more. If both teams score enough points, the team with the most points wins.

The process starts with a hand to the left of the dealer. The next step is made by the taker of the purchase with a single card.

The process is “suit to suit” or a trump is declared. When a participant has a trump card at their disposal, it is easy to replace it with a visible card, which becomes a trump card on the hand. If the player has neither, then put any card. But the trump card must be broken, and a non-trump color is not always necessary to beat.

The winning card takes a bribe, the process ends if the participants score a set number of points. The announcement of the end of the game can occur at any time following the results of the bribe, except for the final one. For example, when recording totals, but no later than the next distribution. When several participants score a certain number of points, the last one to win wins.

Blot Desk

Use a classic card deck (without sixes), which is distributed on 4. Participants are divided into paired teams, with partners sitting opposite each other. The hand goes from left to right of the dealer, clockwise.

All are dealt 8 cards, one is placed suit up (trump), it is taken as necessary during the bidding process. When two or three of them fight, they sort out six cards, and put a trump card on top, covering the rest.